Anime battles with special abilities with unique traits! One bot to get memes, search anime/manga, get cute animals and get boorus! What's more, a cool anime/meme themed PvP game!

A multipurpose bot for your server! Don't forget to join our support server for frequent giveaways and event info!

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Roleplay Commands

Kuro has multiple text-based and image based roleplay commands that include various anime action gifs such as hug, slap, hit, kiss, etc., that return various anime gifs from our API! A few commands including the cuddle and tickle commands are powered by

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Fun Commands

Kuro has funny kill and isekai commands that return weird random results. She also possesses the generic ratewaifu and ship commands with an additional feature of rating whether the user is tsundere/yandere or any other dere. Oh and of course, she can even chat with you through the chat command with enough knowledge to know the watch order of the Fate series.

The Abyss

Kuro has tons of chat-based RPG-like commands that include both PvE and PvP commands.

  • Start off by using the ability command to get yourself an ability for starters!
  • Now that you have an ability, you can test it by duelling other users with the duel command or duelling random enemies with the abyss command! You can navigate through turns using the arrow reactions on the resulting message.
  • So, now that you are good with the fight part, lets go for the rng part. The train and explore commands can be used to gain exp and increase stats. There is a daily command to obtain your daily rewards! Rewards accumulate each consecutive day you use this command. You can check the cooldown of these commands with the cooldown command.
  • We have the shop command where you can put your points to use. Buy items with the buy command, check your inventory through the inventory command and use items through the use command!
  • Last but not the least, upvote the bot every 12 hours with the vote command to get a reroll ticket, an ultimate crystal and some points. The reroll ticket can be used with the use command or the reroll command to reroll for a new ability.

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Neko Of The Abyss